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Faith in Construction is a comprehensive construction company with a broad range of available services.  Although
there is an emphasis on Turn Key Furniture Grade log homes, other projects, including home remodeling, stick built homes, 
additions, and log home restoration, can be completed with the same level of expertise and professionalism as the big jobs.
  The carpenters take an extreme amount of pride in a job well done.  This can be seen in the log homes and restoration
projects, as often there is a considerable amount of detailed custom work done by hand.  The final result is a blend of
 old world tried and true craftsmanship coupled with modern construction techniques and materials.
Current and Recent Projects

Faith in Construction has finished the new home for the Trail's in Pulaski
 County Virginia with the Certificate of Occupancy recently approved.

Wow, this place has a view!    You can see more pictures of
this project by clicking on  Trail Log Home.
The log package was delivered from Southland Log Homes.

To see pictures of other current and recent projects, click on:  Current Projects

Completed Log Homes

Faith in Construction can build your dream home from any
 log home manufacturer.  These include, but are not limited to: 

Daniel Boone Log Homes, Southland, Turman,
or any other log home manufacturer.

With every home built, there is attention to detail, making the
 home as though it was a piece of furniture.

To see finished homes, click on Completed Log Homes

Log Home Restorations and Other Projects

The scope and abilities of Faith in Construction are broad.  Here is a
home that was completely remodeled throughout, from an entirely new
kitchen and bathroom to new drywall and refinished hardwood floors.

To see other projects, click Other Projects

If your home was built years ago and is need of help, the crew at
Faith in Construction can help.  Seen to the left is a home that
 was found to be leaking water and many of the logs were rotten
and filled with large wood eating bugs.  A number of the logs
were replaced, the home was sealed and stained, and new
chinking was applied.  Three windows were replaced giving
this home an entirely fresh new look!

To see this home and other examples,
click on Log Home Repair and Restoration
Faith's Wood Fired Oven

While Faith in Construction has had an emphasis on log homes,
mainly because of their uniqueness and high level of required expertise,
the abilities within the company are certainly not limited to this
narrow aspect of construction.  To elevate Faith's passion for bread
and pizza making, it was only inevitable that she needed a wood
fired oven!  And of course, one can't just go out and simply buy one! 
Many hours of hard work have gone into this project, but the
rewards will far overshadow the labor with the aroma of fresh
breads and the company of good friends around the oven!

Of course, no project like this can be accomplished without partners.
We want to thank the nice people at both Riverview Refractory in
Plainwell Michigan and the Harbison-Walker Refractories Company in
Salem Virginia.  We are using both companies to supply our needs
as we continue to build more wood fired ovens!

To see more pictures, click on Faith's Wood Fired Oven

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